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Fiction Writing Class in Castle Rock

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TR Fischer author
TR Fischer author's picture
Joined: 12/11/2014
Fiction Writing Class in Castle Rock



Local author, TR Fischer, will begin teaching writing classes at the Greater Castle Rock Arts Guild in January, 2015.  Let us know if you’re interested here.  (Or by calling the guild at 303.814.3300) 


Do you have an idea for a book but don't know where to start? Or a first draft you're unsure about? Join us for an 8-week class beginning January 13, 2015.

This workshop will help writers embark on the journey that starts with an idea and ends with a book. This 8-week introductory workshop will provide direction and insight as you move through the process. We’ll take a practical look at critical elements of fiction, including, plotting, character development, setting, tension and conflict, crafting a scene, and dialogue. The goal is to enlighten and aid you in your fiction writing. Participants will receive personal guidance on their work-in-progress, and learn how to give and receive feedback from peers.

Classes will be held at Art on the Edge, 314 S Wilcox, in Castle Rock. Tuesdays from 6:30-9pm, beginning January 13th thru March 10th (with no class on Feb. 17th due to Mardi Gras). Email or call 303.814.3300 or 303.351.3758 for more information. Class fee: $280 for members, $475   for non-members.


Happy Reading,

TR Fischer, author