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Plan two ways out with Castle Rock Fire and Rescue during Fire Prevention Week 2017

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Plan two ways out with Castle Rock Fire and Rescue during Fire Prevention Week 2017


General Fire Protection Week NR Graphic

It’s unsettling to consider: if your home caught fire, how would you escape safely? With prevention top of mind during National Fire Prevention Week Oct. 8-14, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue and Domino’s Pizza want to help you make a home escape plan.  


The National Fire Protection Association annually honors Fire Prevention Week near Oct. 9, which is the anniversary of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire. The fire killed about 300 people and left more than 100,000 residents homeless, so the Fire Marshal Association started the commemorative week to prevent future fires.


This year, the national theme is “Every Second Counts. Plan 2 Ways Out.” Locally, CRFD and Domino’s Pizza are partnering on several events this month to help you plan two ways out.


Monday, Oct. 2: Celebrity Pizza Chefs

Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Chiefs will become Domino’s Pizza Chefs from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 2. Stop by the Domino’s Pizza at 695 Jerry St. to purchase a pizza made by your local firefighters and tour a fire engine. Take home a pizza and fire escape plan worksheet to share with your family.


Wednesday, Oct. 11: Celebrity Pizza Delivery

Have your Domino’s Pizza delivered by Castle Rock firefighters. Between 5 and 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, order your pizza from Domino’s (695 Jerry St. location). Firefighters will deliver the dough to randomly selected customers. All pizzas ordered – whether delivered by CRFD or Domino’s – will come with a fire escape plan worksheet.

Online, on Facebook and in your email

A home escape plan template and more information is online at View a video from FEMA to help you create your plan. Then, watch the Town of Castle Rock’s official Facebook page at Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Chief Art Morales will be live every morning to talk through the steps of a plan.


“Fighting fires is a significant part of what we do,” Morales said. “But we’d prefer they never start. Prevention is an important part of fighting fires, and we invite our community to take part during this honorary week and throughout the year.”


Learn more about Castle Rock Fire and Rescue and sign up for the department’s new periodic email newsletter at

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