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Race Is On With School Groundbreaking In Colorado’s Fastest Growing Community.

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Joined: 11/29/2014
Race Is On With School Groundbreaking In Colorado’s Fastest Growing Community.

On the heels of the groundbreaking of one of the largest shopping malls currently being built, World Compass Academy (WCA), a new and innovative charter school, is preparing to open Fall 2015 in Castle Rock with their own groundbreaking.


On Friday, December 5th, 2014 at 1:00 PM, the community is invited to attend the WCA groundbreaking, along with the Douglas County Board of Education, the Castle Rock Town Council, the Mayor of Castle Rock, and Douglas County School District (DCSD) staff. Attendees should park at Plum Creek Community Church, 960 South Interstate 25, Castle Rock, CO 80104. The crowd will be addressed by Dr. Elizabeth Celania-Fagen - Superintendent of Douglas County Schools, Bethany Merkling - Founder and Board President of WCA, Casey Kannenberg - President of WCA Building Corporation, Jim McDevitt - Principal of WCA, and School House Development. Founding Families have been invited to bring a shovel and dig in along with the WCA Board members!


The timing for the school opening couldn’t be better. Castle Rock and Douglas County have received a flurry of recognition in the national press. "One of Colorado's best kept secrets is out," claims longtime resident Nancy Chesney. DCSD is looking for innovative ways to maintain its standing as one of the state’s best school districts and meet the ever-increasing demand.


The Douglas County Board of Education has strongly expressed support for charter schools, and it fully embraces WCA as a way to provide parents with choice and students with a world-class education and a unique international focus. Expected to hold over 700 students at full capacity (Pre-K through 8th grade), this one-of-a-kind school incorporates daily foreign language immersion, a rigorous research-based curriculum, a mastery based learning model, and a culture founded on the Essential 55.


How long does it take to build a new school? Kurt Connelly (Inline Management), who has overseen the construction of 30 charter schools to date, is very familiar with the process. He acknowledges DCSD as being one of the most supportive in the accelerated timeline when building new charter schools. School House Development and Inline Management will build WCA at a record-setting pace. DCSD is fully confident in their ability to complete the facility on time based on Inline’s proven track record and the enthusiastic support of the Town of Castle Rock and its planning department.

To learn more about the educational philosophy and research-based curriculum of World Compass Academy, please visit their website: